The Advanced SOMA Cube!

One Cube To Rule Them All

15 puzzle pieces fit together to make the perfect 4x4x4 cube. A difficult but not impossible puzzle for everyone ages 10-110!

Think outside the box!

The Possibilities are Endless

Over 120 shapes can be made!

Let your imagination run wild! The Advanced Soma Cube has thousands of undiscovered combinations providing endless hours of entertainment. Put your brain to the ultimate test! 

Are you up for the challenge?

Handcrafted, the Advanced Soma Cube is a 100% Canadian made puzzle, with superb, locally sourced, white pine and birchwood used for the pieces.

The aSoma Cube was invented by Dr. Damien Loveland. It was inspired by the famous soma cube; a 3x3x3 wooden block puzzle. The aSoma Cube has 8 more pieces than the soma cube that now make a 4x4x4 cube, which makes it significantly harder. The aSoma Cube is long lasting, and provides endless hours of entertainment for families, friends, and puzzle fanatics! The aSoma Cube is a unique gift idea that will challenge anyone.

The aSoma Cube offers more than just entertainment for children. It stimulates the brain and can induce them to think outside the box when problem solving. Actively trying to solve the cube increases spatial awareness and provides a healthy brain exercise.

With the Advanced Soma Cube, you are able to make a vast variety of different shapes. Some of these shapes include numbers 1 through 9 and all the letters in the alphabet. You can also make towers, animals and even create your own shapes! The Advanced Soma Cube includes the same seven pieces as the regular soma cube along with eight more to complete the Advanced(TM) version.

Although it seems like there is only one solution to the aSoma Cube, there are over an estimated 1,000,000 ways to solve it.

Are you up for the challenge?

The aSoma Cube is available now!

The box is large enough to hold the pieces without being assembled into a cube, so that the puzzle can be conveniently tidied away. A selection of the shapes that can be made are shown on the box. When these shapes have been mastered, the full range of 120 different challenges are available for free download here.